The Pastor’s RANT by Fr. Pat Mulcahy

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Priest Convocation: A Gathering of Priests

Each year at the end of September, the priests gather for the annual Convocation, which is part prayer, part workshop and planning, and part fellowship.  In light of recent events, this gathering takes on added meaning and need. The convocation is part retreat and part renewal and it will take place this coming week (September 23-27).

I ask for your prayers for this gathering of priests. During the Convocation, we will continue to have our daily mass at 8:00am. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE PRIESTS OF THE DIOCESE OF SAN DIEGO. Thank you so much!

WE NEED YOUR EXTRA ROSARIES! Holy Rosary Sunday on Sunday October 13th

In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating Holy Rosary Sundayand we want to share the beautiful gift of the Rosary with those who have not discovered or embraced this beautiful prayer to Jesus through Mary. It begins with having a rosary! So, we want to collect as many rosaries as we can to distribute on Holy Rosary Sunday. Please check your closets, your desks, your nightstands, your special places and see if there is an extra rosary that would be a beautiful gift for someone who has no rosary. Please drop off your rosaries in the basket at the entrance to the church or to the parish office. Thank you for helping us to share the beautiful gift of the Rosary with others!

Saturday October 5th 9:00am at the Stella Maris Junior Yard: Blessing of the Animals 2019 Celebrating the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

The feast of St. Francis of Assisi falls on October 4th every year and it is a wonderful generic viagra us tradition to follow the example of St. Francis in glorifying God’s creation. We will honor St. Francis as we bless our pets. Please join us as we bless dogs and cats and hamsters and rabbits and snakes and lizards and fish and horses and what else can you think of? There will be singing and fun and much more…The blessing will take place in the Junior Yard of Stella Maris Academy on Kline Street. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us in thanking God and marveling at His creation.

One Parish One School…

One Parish, One School…There is a special bulletin board set up in the entrance of the parish hall that will display our school kids’ creations and projects…Come check out the talents, faith, and hard work of our kids! Great things are happening at SMA!

Rite of Christian Initiation & Adult Formation

Do you know someone who is interested in becoming Catholic? Maybe it’s YOU, a FAMILY MEMBER, a FRIEND, a NEIGHBOR.

Do you want complete your Sacraments of Initiation? THIS IS THE YEAR TO DO IT!

Do you want to LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH? The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

The RCIA program is for those who are interested in becoming Catholic and for those adult Catholics who need to complete their sacraments of initiation. Maybe, it’s time for you or someone you know to take the next step! Please check it out! We will begin soon. Please see Fr. Pat or Martin Magana for more details on this AWESOME program!

Have a blessed and holy week! In Christ’s love, Fr. Pat