Viva Puerto Rico! Fr. Pat & Deacon Jim Experience Beauty in the Rubble

Our Pastor, Fr. Pat Mulcahy, and Deacon Jim Vargas have returned from their Mission Trip to Puerto Rico and are looking forward to sharing their experiences with our parish the next few weeks as they speak to our community and share photos and videos from their travels. Continue scrolling below for a small insight into the life of resilient Puerto Ricans.

Mother House of the Sisters that was destroyed by 6.4 earthquake.
New, humble home for the sisters.
Dominicans of Fatima Sisters displaced by recent earthquakes.
Immaculate Conception Church in Guayanilla that was totally destroyed by the earthquake.
Christmas decorations are still up in the Church.
Parish school for the Church destroyed by the earthquake is now in tents.
Sisters attend an Outdoor Chapel in a tent, since their Mother House was destroyed. Same Jesus in here as in St. Peter’s Basilica…
Aid distribution center in Ponce run by the sisters.