30 Days on Stewardship by Leisa Anslinger

Reflection and Inspiration

The life of discipleship is one of ongoing conversion, of becoming more like Christ. It is important to admit there are many times when we are not like Christ! We are tempted by material things, selfish desires, and self-centeredness. To be more like Christ is to turn away from these temptations and to turn toward God and others.

Remember the young man who approached Jesus and asked what he should do to attain eternal life? Jesus told him to give away what he had to the poor. We are told the young man went away sad, because he had many things. Things weighed him down. We could say that his possessions possessed him.

What weighs you down? Growing as good stewards, we not only turn away from the constant search for material wealth and things, but also from the cares and concerns that lead us to this displaced seeking. Turning away from these things frees us to turn toward God and others.