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Rite of Christian Initiation & Adult Formation

Do you know someone who is interested in becoming Catholic? Maybe it’s YOU, a FAMILY MEMBER, a FRIEND, a NEIGHBOR. Do you want complete your Sacraments of Initiation? THIS IS THE YEAR TO DO IT! Do you want to LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH? The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

The RCIA program is for those who are interested in becoming Catholic and for those adult Catholics who need to complete their sacraments of initiation. Maybe, it’s time for you or someone you know to take the next step! Please check it out! We will begin soon. Please see Fr. Pat or Martin Magana for more details on this AWESOME program!

Fr. Pat’s Restaurant Find… A New Exclusive Breakfast Bistro. Open only once per month…All proceeds go to charity…

Being in La Jolla for just a short time, I have found that there are a plethora of restaurants from which to choose…for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…may I recommend one that gets overlooked…

The Knights of Columbus Monthly Breakfast

The price is right ($7 for adults), the food is delicious, the company is wonderful, and all the proceeds support the charitable work of the Knights of Columbus…how can you beat that? Please join us after the morning masses this weekend for this awesome monthly breakfast bistro…

Weekly School Mass. Most Fridays at 11:20am. (during school year)

Our weekly school mass begins this week as our school community roots all that we do in the central mysteries of our faith. It begins with the Eucharist. The kids and teachers will participate in the liturgy and the homily will focus on a message geared towards our kids and families. All are invited to join us!

Sacred Places, Historic Places. Spain, Italy, Israel, Greece. Group Cruise w/ Fr. Pat: October 2020

Barcelona to Rome to Israel (3 full days) to Crete to Cyprus to Patmos to Athens…12 night Crystal Cruise to these sacred and historic places…Fr. Pat is organizing another trip of a lifetime. If you would like information regarding this adventure, please email Fr. Pat at

Enhancing our Beautiful Church: Mary’s Grotto

Please come and check the progress of this project that will be completed soon. Located at the side of the Church on Kline Street, the beautiful image of the Madonna and Child will be a powerful reminder to all who pass by of Mary’s role in God’s plan of salvation…to Jesus through Mary…this is made possible by the generosity of some wonderful benefactors…thank you for your commitment to our beautiful parish community.

Have a blessed and holy week! In Christ’s love, Fr. Pat