The Pastor’s RANT by Fr. Pat Mulcahy

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Annual Catholic Appeal Sunday: Sunday February 9

Gratitude in Action

Thank you for your passionate commitment to Mary, Star of the Sea Church. That commitment reminds us that being Catholic is more than just a baptism, more than a parish registration form, more than Sunday Mass attendance. It is a committed and intentional response to the mission of the church founded by Jesus Christ. That commitment is the fruit of gratitude and manifested in action. Our parish has been both benefactor and beneficiary in our years of existence. We have helped others and others have helped us. Because of this, we hold a sacred connection to those beyond our parish boundaries. Gratitude in Action speaks to this sacred bond of giving, receiving, and sharing the abundant blessings of God. All of us are invited each year to be PARTNERS in CONTINUING THE MISSION OF JESUS not only in our parish, but in this local Church of San Diego.

The Annual Catholic Appeal funds are targeted to essential programs right here in San Diego, including Catholic Charities, Priestly and Religious Vocations, development of poor parishes, and other critical support ministries. YOUR SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL TO THESE PROGRAMS. Our parish assessment for this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal is $66,000. All funds received beyond this amount will be returned to our parish Capital

Campaign fund. Your participation is humbly requested and greatly appreciated.

You should have received a mailing this past week regarding the ACA. Please complete the enclosed pledge card in the spirit of the many blessings God has bestowed upon you. This is a task for all of us. Please return your completed pledges in the collection at Mass next weekend or return it to the parish office as soon as possible. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

With Gratitude in Christ, Fr. Pat

Bible Study/Adult Faith Formation: Mondays at 6pm, starting February 24

Our Bible Study/Adult Faith Group will begin again on Monday February 24, leading us into the season of Lent…Here’s a preview of our new series…

The Definitive Study on the Life of Jesus Christ

Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life is a 10-week video study program and book. Anchored in the life of Christ as presented in the Gospels, this study explores the entirety of Jesus’ life—who he is, what he is really like, what he taught, what he did for our salvation, and what all of this means for us as Catholics today.

Presented by Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Jeff Cavins, and Dr. Edward Sri, this study was filmed in the Holy Land so Catholics can experience the extraordinary world in which Jesus lived and taught—the historical context, the politics, the clashing cultures, the history, and the ancient land—and see where the most significant events of his life took place, from his infancy to his ascension.

This study shows, in a simple way, how Jesus, the Incarnate God, is both fully divine and fully human—his intimacy with the Father, his revelation of the Father’s love, and his extraordinary influence on his disciples, his followers, and even his enemies.

Most importantly, this encounter with Christ will inspire and empower you to center your entire life in him as you come to know and love him in an ever-deeper and more intimate way.

In This Study, Catholics Will Learn…

…Who Jesus is and how he answers the longings of the human heart.

…Why Jesus was baptized.

…The significance of the Transfiguration.

…The essentials of Christology explained in a way the average Catholic can understand.

…The mystery and meaning of the Resurrection, Christ’s triumph over death.

…The nature of Jesus’ mission and the redemption of humanity.

…Our role today as Catholics in the Great Commission.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament In our Adoration Chapel

Please join Jesus for one hour this week!

 One of the great blessings for us as Catholics is the opportunity to spend time with the Lord IN HIS REAL PRESENCE. We offer that opportunity every day in our parish Adoration Chapel located in the parish office building. Please make a special time with Jesus. Let us make 2020 a year of prayer and blessing.

Have a blessed and holy week! In Christ’s love, Fr. Pat