Giving of Self

30 Days on Stewardship by Leisa Anslinger

It is difficult for us to put into words the true meaning of Jesus’ passion and death on the cross. The truth is, we cannot fully comprehend such sacrifice. We could say that Jesus gave the only thing he had: his very life. And of course, it is everything.

Through Jesus’ self-gift, we are drawn to the very heart of God. We are offered reconciliation, salvation, and peace. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross does not end in death but in victory—resurrection and new life.

Through Christ’s sacrifice, we are shown the depths of God’s love and are invited to share in it. Christ’s death and resurrection give meaning to the small and not-so-small sacrifices you make in the course of your life: time given when you feel like you have nothing left within yourself; attention to children and elders; service and companionship with the poor, lonely, and ill; money, even when it means not having that new thing that you have had your eye on.

When you give of yourself, you truly embrace Christ’s cross and resurrection.